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This Slope is Treacherous

Allyson Rae. 23. SUNY Fredonia 2013 πŸŽ“ BA in English with a minor in Applied Music. I live for my best friends, cats, Taylor Swift and Castle. #notsorry4beingashipper I have a certain love for Nathan Fillion. Coffee addict. Lover of words. Cat Lady. 😻 Meow. Amateur Nail Artist & Nail Polish Connoisseur. My life? Beautiful Mess. I like a lot of random, awesome things. This is a personal blog; I post whatever I like :)
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This hope is treacherous; this daydream is dangerous.
This hope is treacherous, & I, I, I like it. <3

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Apr 15th at 2PM
Look what I got todayyyy πŸ‘ #Naked3 #SoExcited #Sephora

Look what I got todayyyy πŸ‘ #Naked3 #SoExcited #Sephora

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Apr 14th at 4PM
If you’re ever gonna love someone then maybe you could love someone like me? πŸ™πŸ’•

If you’re ever gonna love someone then maybe you could love someone like me? πŸ™πŸ’•

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I’ve been rewatching JAG for the last three weeks.

Apr 13th at 1AM

I just finished the full series (minus the first season because no Mac) for the second time and I swear to God I feel more empty than I did the first time.

Seriously, it’s that pain and anger and sadness of saying goodbye all over again.

I also remember why I didn’t ever rewatch half of the season 10 episodes and why that season made me so damn angry.

I love TV. So much.

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Apr 10th at 10PM


Castle through infographics

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Apr 10th at 9PM


I really hate long-ass β€˜previously on…’ bits in front of episodes

I fucking know what happened previously ok

I just marathonned two seasons in a day trust me I know

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Apr 10th at 7PM

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Apr 10th at 7PM

Where do you think you’re going young man


Where do you think you’re going young man

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Apr 10th at 7PM

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cute ass flower questions

Apr 10th at 7PM
  • Daisy: How old were you when you had your first kiss?
  • Carnation: If I handed you a concert ticket right now, who would you want to be the performer?
  • Jasmine: What color looks best on you?
  • foxglove: Name three facts about your family?
  • Allium: What's the best thing you can cook?
  • Orange Blossom: What's the best dream you've ever had?
  • Calla Lily: If you died right now, what song would you want to play at your funeral?
  • Poinsettia: Favorite holiday dish?
  • Oxlip: Would you ever get into a long distance relationship?
  • Primrose: Favorite kind of soup?
  • Daffodil: What's the most thoughtful present you've ever received?
  • Rose: Are you currently in love with someone?
  • Amsonia: Would you ever become a vegan?
  • Peony: What's your favorite hot beverage?
  • Tulip: For your birthday, what kind of cake do you ask for?
  • Myrtle: Do you like going on airplanes?
  • Hibiscus: Did you ever play an instrument? If so what?
  • Zinnia: Who was your best friend when you were six years old?
  • Poppy: What color was your childhood home?
  • Hydrangea: Starbucks order?
  • Violet: Do you like where you're from?
  • Locust: What was your favorite book as a child?
  • Rhododendron: What's the scariest dream you've ever had?
  • Queen Anne's Lace: Would you rather carve pumpkins or wrap presents?
  • Magnolia: Favorite kind of candy?
  • Aster: Would you rather be cold or hot?
  • Marigold: Do you listen to what's on the radio?
  • Heliconia: Do you like when it rains?
  • Azalea: What's a movie you cried while watching?
  • Dandelion: Do you think you're important?<p>please ;c</p>

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Apr 10th at 12PM


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